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Electric Cycle Shops & Stores| Distributors, Suppliers, Dealers in Shaniwar Peth

We are Electric Cycle Shops & Stores, Electric Cycle Distributors, Suppliers, Dealers in Shaniwar Peth. We work with our Hero Lector cycle store, which is why our customers are happy with what they get.


Electric bicycle store is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. We offer a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to commuting.

Our Electric bicycles also have following features that make them different from other types of bikes: -

  • Power- Our bicycles use an electrical assist system which gives the user a boost of power when pedalling, but does not require pedalling.
  • Speed Range - The speed range is typically maximum kilometers per hour (km/h). However, we can also design our own range of speeds for the specific e-bicycles as per our clients demand.
  • Our cycles are typically eco-friendly because we use electricity from the grid, a cleaner source than fossil fuels that contribute to global warming and air pollution.

Electric Cycle Distributor in Pune,India

Our electric cycle suppliers offers a wide range of electric cycle for kids to customers and are also able to offer a variety of services such as repairs and maintenance.

We have been in the business for more than 49 years now, with many satisfied customers. Our electric cycle distributors have an excellent reputation for providing the best service and have a large network of electric cycle shops across the country.

Benefits of Cycling

  • Protects From serious Diseases like heart attack, diabetes, depression, arthritis, etc.
  • Makes You Healthy & Fit.
  • Controls unwanted fat weight.
  • Enhances the brain power.
  • Makes You Sleep Better.
  • Improves physical fitness.